Not Like This…

In my previous post, (now removed after three people spoke to me and I felt Blogger’s Shame!)… I asked how on earth do we get to know the neighbours in a place like Pleasantville?!


Picking some toys up in the garden today, I looked up and noticed this glorious unpacking malfunction!


My extremely life-like Baby Massage demonstration doll, propped up against the spare room window like Uncle Fester’s unwanted love child. 


And there was me thinking we’ve got roughly 5 days to appear something close to “normal”!  I wonder how long he’s been there?! (And whether I should be relieved or concerned that nobody called Social Services?!)

Well… if the dog collar wasn’t going to scare them off, that ought to have done the trick!

I’m still not sure how we’re gonna meet the neighbours… but I’m pretty sure it’s not like this!

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