A Curacy Christmas: Exhibit B

Another brief snapshot of our first Collared Christmas…

Husband: “I just have a planning meeting for the Carol Service this morning, so should be back for lunch at 12.”

Wife: “Great, we’ll be home by then.”

12.15: “Eat without me, this is taking ages.”

12.15: “We can wait til 1. Long meeting?!”

12.20: “Painful.”

12.50: “I think I’m losing the will to live…”

12.50: “You still there?! Ok text me when you’re leaving… and don’t ask any questions!”

12.55: “I won’t!”

1.15: “You want me to call in a bomb scare?!”

1.20: “No, I think we’re coming into land…”

1.30: “Bomb me. Just bomb me now. “

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