Full Term

Another pregnancy post.

I figured as we’ve covered the whirlwind first trimester, the cute and cosy second phase and the hardest-slog-yet third… I may as well round it off here!

Because here we are at… 37 weeks!

Which means that, while there’s still probably a couple more to go, I am, nevertheless, what is considered full term. Which in turn means that, no matter what happens beyond this point, I have officially grown my third human. In full.

Already?! All ready! All. Ready.

Thank You, God!

Upon reaching this point in the past, of course, I confess I’ve taken a rather gung ho attitude to moving things along. Anxious about child birth or, in the case of the second, the sheer size of bump and baby, I’ve been determined not to go overdue; and so begun my Old Wife List of Labour Induction at the very first opportunity!

This time, however?

Well, this time I have a safe, orderly exit arranged for a set date and time- and, as unnatural as that feels and sounds- I have to say, after the last ordeal… the idea is rather nice! 

So… for the first time ever, at 37 weeks, I am hanging up my walking boots! I’ll be laying off the laying; avoiding all things hot and spicy; passing on the dates, raspberry leaf tea and pineapple juice. (You know, all those things I’ve tried and have failed, but this time would obviously do!) 

So … if anyone wants me from now on, I shall be mostly… what do they call it, now?!


Oh… How times have changed!

Yep. Chill, chill. chill. That’s my game!

Of course, for those who know me, however, (and those who have been reading this blog long enough!), you’ll know that I don’t actually do chilling very well!



My hospital bag is packed; the nursery is ready to go; I have a week’s worth of colostrum in the freezer and every single, minute thing on my microscopic To-Do List has been ticked off- twice.

Last Wednesday, as I wrote about Husband’s graduation, I felt like I’d  graduated myself. For, upon leaving the clinic for what felt like the hundredth time, the Endocrine Doctor  actually bid me goodbye!

“See you in 10 weeks!” 


So… I guess my question is… what exactly do I do with myself then, for the next – almost- three?! 

(Except get tired-er, hungrier and more and more impatient, that is?!) 

I mean, I know I’ll miss my bump (my lead-ball lady lump!) But… honestly? I’m now just a little bit impatient to find out who’s inside!

Have an Old Wives shot at that one, if you like!


And the diet is definitely more difficult, now that we’re almost there… it’s somehow easier to motivate yourself, when you can see months stretching out ahead. I mean,  I went cold Turkey immediately; I’m an all or nothing girl! But this week? Well it’s all about sugar-free treats; trying to satisfy the cravings, any way that I can!

Banana, egg, oat and blueberry breakfast muffins!
Peanut butter, egg and artificial sweetener cookies!

I’m not joking; for the past 8 weeks I’ve turned my nose up at everything, just in case I shouldn’t. Yesterday, however, I discovered that I could drink Pepsi Max without effecting my blood sugar.

Oh. Boy.

Tears. Of. Joy.


Now, what can I eat to celebrate?!


Seriously, though, friends… I think my hormones, stomach and energy levels are definitely signalling the end!

But, you see, I think pregnancy is really clever like that; for, no matter how much you appreciate throughout…

There always comes a point-

About now if we’re honest-

Where you just want the inhabitant out!


Still… Not. Long. Now!






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