Look at Me

Look at me, when you feed me, Mummy,

When we’re alone in the dead of night.

I know there doesn’t seem like much to see,

When my face is obscured and my eyes are shut tight.


But look a little closer, Mummy;

A month has already passed.

Before you know it I’ll be one, then two and then three…

These Tiny days are not built to last.


Yet I know, it’s hard to stay awake,

When you’re struggling to hold me upright.

You don’t want to be tired and grumpy tomorrow;

Reading and writing might help you stay bright. 




 Try not to scroll down that screen so much,

“Liking” photos of other people’s kids.

Look at yours, in the flesh; right here, right now!

Take it in, before it’s too late.


And, I know, those photos you’re editing

Are for me, so I don’t feel third best.

And that book you’re reading about being a Mum

Is for all of us, helping you to de-stress.

And yes… 

That blog that you write, it makes you feel like

You’ve got something else going on;

Something else in your head, where your brain cells once lived,

When the daily chaos makes it feel like they’ve gone.



There’ll be time for all of that eventually, Mummy;

Too soon, when we need you no more.

When we eat straight from the fridge,

Tell our friends when we’re glib,

And forget to kiss you as we run out of the door. 

So please… 


Look a little closer when you feed me, Mummy.

Watch my eyes; every now and then they’ll meet yours.

Observe my soft little head,  

Count my milk spots, smell my breath;

So innocent, so unincumbered by flaws.



Watch those rounded newborn cheeks

Rise and fall in perfect time.

Yes, listen to me gulp at your chest,

Sourcing life from your breast;

I might be yours, but right now, you are mine.


Acknowledge that feeling, when you pick me up;

So tiny in your arms.

Appreciate that you’re the only one that I need,

And in this whole world, you’re all that I want.


For you see…


It won’t be this way forever, Mummy;

In fact, it won’t be this way for long.

So watch me, please, when you feed me, Mummy;

Hold it in your heart, 

For one day soon, it will be gone.

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