Spring has sprung!

Oh yes! What fun!

Put the kettle on,

Make yourself a brew.

Coatless, scarfeless

And hatless too,

The back door’s open, kids-

Fill yer boots!

Feeding the baby

By the back door,

No need to wrap her up like before.

Watching the others play together-

Such bliss!-

Motherhood is all about moments like this.

But then…

Hang on…

Where are your wellies?!

Don’t actually fill your boots!

Put down that hose!

Don’t stick soil up your nose!

Arrgh… mate!

Your socks are soaked through!

Don’t make me come out there!

(Seriously, kids… please don’t…

The baby’s still attached,

You’re planking the mud patch,

And I really don’t wanna wrestle you-

Quite frankly- you’re gross!)

Think of all that washing…

The muddy journey to the bath…

Oh man, my kids look feral!

But… listen to them laugh.

Have another look outside

and alter what you see.

Don’t see soggy socks;

Nor hands of grot;

Don’t see wet bottoms and knees.

See beaming smiles,

Toddlers in the wild;

Squealing, squelching, happy.

Pat yourself on the back,

They’re meant to look like that,

Every now and then,

This lazy parenting looks crackin’!

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