Seeing Red?

“So what time are you home tonight?”

“I dunno… just after 8 maybe?”

“Ok. I’ll see if I can hang on and eat with you then. Unless there’s anything you need doing before you go?”

“Err… Oh yeah, I need to iron my clergy shirt.”

“Which one?”

“The red one.”

The red one?!”

“Yes. The red one.”

“Oh for Sunday?”

“No, for the Ordination.”

For Priesting?!


The red one?!”


“You can’t get ordained in that!”

“Why not? It’s cool.”

“It looks like a tea towel!”

“No it doesn’t…. That’s the blue one.”

“Ok. Fine. It looks like a table cloth. Better?!”

“Noooo…. it doesn’t. It’s cool.”

“It is not cool.”

“It is.”

“Mate, it’s not even hipster. You look middle-aged.”


But fair….”

“Anyway, it doesn’t really matter. You won’t even see it under all my vestments.”

“So why bother, then?! Just wear the smart black one like a normal Vicar!”

“Because I don’t want to be a “normal Vicar.” I want to be me.

“Oh come on… you’ve got every normal working day to be Reverend You… can’t you just be smart and conform- and not dress like a tea towel- for one significant occassion?!

“Ahhh yeah… but that’s so boring.”




“We’ll see…”




Well …. what do you think?!

The clock is ticking, the lines are open. Smart and black … or red and white?!

Votes will be individually counted, (and biasedly verified)…

T-minus 12 hours left to decide!

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