Summer is here!

The bog’s even dry.

The garden so green,

Not a cloud in the sky!


The kids are at home-

I opted for this.

Too hot for nursery,

Could it get any less British than this?!


“Drink some more water!” I bark.

“Put on your hat!”

“When can we have ice cream?”

“When you stop asking that!”


“Will you please get your muddy hands out of my drink?!

Mummy’s a vending machine…

Thirstier work than you think!”


“Now, whose turn for more sun screen?”

“Come back ! Stand still !”

If this script won’t annoy the neighbours,

The accosted hose pipe sure will!


But speaking of neighbours…

How things have changed!

This time last year

No one offered their names.


Now we have one

who appears at the fence,

(While I’m feeding in my pj’s-

Not even half dressed.)


I feel sorry for you!” He says,

And I jump out of my skin.

Can’t eat your breakfast in peace!”

… the irony lost upon him.


I look at all of the hands

inside my cereal bowl…

Nope! They’re still not the most

uncomfortable intrusion at all!


But it’s nice in a way

To have broken the ice.

Pleasantville is still pleasant…

But we’ve also seen “nice“.


And the infamous mud kitchen

Is still mucking on!

Though any aspirations to Pinterest

Have officially… gone!

But as the filthy kitchen remnants

creep towards my white wash,

I realise how much more content

I am now than I was.

So much has happened

In such a short time.

But as we approach this second stretch of summer,

You know…

I think it might be… fine? 🙂

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