Date Night: A to D

So I said I’d blog every few Date Nights… Then realised how hard they are to find, never mind write down!


Without much further ado… Here’s about where we’re up to now!

A was for… Al Fresco Night

In true style, I destroyed this one first!

Then B was for… The Best, of course.
(Though really, he’d be hard-pressed to do worse!)

Husband cooked Bruschetta, Brûlée and another loosely-themed dish from scratch. Finished with a back massage, so really… it don’t get much better than that!

C was for… Cocktails, Curry and Comedy


Simple, easy, and (after my last fiasco)... foolproof! Or so I thought...

Until our dodgy internet foiled my Netflix attempt- halfway through a film– and we were forced to abort!



Though Husband would have watched Wimbledon, I was determined to stick to the theme. Which was the perfect excuse to dig out good ole Gavin and Stacey, I thought! Curry-comedy goldLiving the dream!

D was for… Dominoes and a DVD?

I know… A little bit “samey”, don’t you think?

Though Husband did bake his own dough balls, mind; I still think this round went to me!

So… What are you waiting for?

Join in, it’s never too late!

Tag along in your tweets or comments…

@starsincjars #AtoZdate! 😉

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