1. Waking up to snow!

2. Waking up again to the kids very, very excitedly “being quiet”, asking repeatedly if they can wake me up yet, turning on all the lights, whispering “we’ve got you a present” and then shouting “IT’S A JIGSAW!”

I love how much they love birthdays- even ones that are not their own!

3. Pain Au Chocolat!

4. Homemade cards…

5. Homemade gift vouchers!

(Yes, Husband made it. No, it’s not my choice between death by drowning, death by gimp or death by Voldemort. Apparently!)

6. The fact the voucher is actually for a spa day and shopping, in the big city … All. By. My. Self! Even extroverts need seclusion once in a while…

7. Vouchers for Lush from Mamma Bear, so that I can sniff soap on my shopping trip and try to break our plastic habit… without breaking the bank!

8. A jigsaw from the kids- surprise! So that I can switch off and underthink once in a while. (Noticing a theme…)

9. Flowers

Not just any flowers… red, orange and yellow flowers, like the ones I had at our wedding, ten years ago. I love that he does this every year… I love that he knows me so well!

10. A roll up mat for my new jigsaw habit!

Because if Mummy spends any precious free time doing anything of this nature, and someone messes it up in the morning…. that will be BAD NEWS for everyone. Again… the man knows me so well!

11. Walking halfway to school in my Pyjamas.

Because it’s my birthday. Because I’m Northern. Because I can!

12. Not being one of these poor suckers, like last week…

13. Precious snuggles with Tiny whilst the others receive free childcare!

Especially 3 days before her first birthday, knowing our lazy days are numbered!

14. Cancelling our first adult-only lunch date in a year to collect Toddler from said childcare because the nursery was understaffed! Yes, a date would have been nice… but honestly, so was this!

15. Husband’s afternoon plans being cancelled! Impromptu birthday tea and a rare opportunity for me to pick Tinker up from school, on foot, on her own. She doesn’t get me to herself very often!

16. Homemade cake… that I didn’t make!

17. Writing another blog, after dark…

Reflecting on the fact,

That another year has passed.

But you’re never too old…

Nor too young….

And I’m pretty content with that!

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