Pandemic Diary #10


Another lazy morning… how boring is this story getting?! However, by late afternoon we take the kids out on the street with their bikes, run up and down the football field in the setting sun and then sit on the canal path to make the most of this view…

What a cracker!

Twilight is definitely our best time for adventures!

Family movie night is Polar Express which is, of course, excellent. Grown up movie night is a seemingly quirky British indie number on Prime called “Home for Christmas”, which is… not. Despite having two decent leads, the script is shockingly poor and the director seems to have cut several scenes from the plot and just hoped nobody noticed! It also, most importantly, has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas. Don’t fall for it!


In a rare thrust of uber organisation I set up a conveyor belt of activities for the kids last night, ready for this morning!

They are so enthused by this they wake me up with breakfast in bed and beg to get started with Church. Wow. Perhaps I’ve been missing a trick here!

Amongst our tasks, Peppermint shapes are made early to kill any Covid before being given to teachers next week! (Spoiler alert : one of them won’t get to do this!)


In the morning, the Youngest is cold and tired from the school run and begs to snuggle with a hot milk! So I brew up and we both fall asleep to The Snowman and the Snow Dog.

This is the life!

In the afternoon, we go to our Bubble house and I break up some Elsa-related riots whilst the Mum gets herself out for a walk. Head back after the school run and try not to notice the house is a mess. Meh… I’ve got all week!


Ballet returns!

Miss Independent is changed and packed and ready by the door, and once again shouts at me to “keep going!” at every red light on route. Yet… when the class begins… she clings to my leg and refuses to join in. The teacher asks her what is wrong and she tells her, “running thumbs.” , I have no idea. Miss K, however, immediately changes the music and Toddler joins in, skipping up and down the hall, putting her thumbs up at the end of one verse.

Wow. After a month off, I’m pretty impressed with both Toddler and her teacher! Next, said teacher gets out a box of hard balls and makes it very clear to the children that they are for “rolling, not throwing.” She then takes out a red squishy ball and hands it to my Toddler, saying “I brought this special one for you!” Adding quietly, “being the one most likely to throw it…”

I wish I could be offended, but I’m too impressed. For Toddler instinctively bypasses the special ball, grabs one of the hard ones and lobs it at an innocent Dance-Dad on the other side of the room! Gotta hand it to her… Miss K knows these kids. And it’s so refreshing to be in that space again!


We run lots of errands today and then go swimming, which Toddler absolutely loves. I can’t remember what else we did to be honest, except that I sorted through a few Christmas presents and found this absolute corker of a gift tag written by the Eldest:

I have absolutely no idea what it means but it did and half make me laugh!

In the evening, I wrote another blog as it goes. A proper one, with a theme and everything. Which was therapeutic.


Aaah… Thursday. This was going to be my cleaning day, but sadly The Boy barely got his little bottom on the classroom carpet when he was told that he had to go home and isolate! Husband picked him up and found him distraught; he loves school and was devastated to come home. More so than I was expecting! Quite taken aback by the prolonged tears, especially in the face of promised treats and Christmas films, I tried to get myself into his five-year old mind. Upon investigation, it turns out that because he was one of the first to be picked up, he was under the impression that the rest of the class were staying at school! It took a good few attempts to convince him otherwise, followed by a demonstration of Covid spread on a chess board. He was also devastated not to have handed in his Christmas cards or homemade presents, which I can absolutely sympathise with!

Poor soul.

So. Only one thing for it, really…

(Any excuse…)


It’s Husband’s day off, so I’m escaping for the morning. Imagining a leisurely Christmas shop around town, I actually end up just running everywhere and sweating, which is not what I had in mind! Still, it is successful and productive, (except for the bit where I forgot to buy the one thing Husband requested with some urgency, of course).

Back home, The Boy is in a better mood and has been hammering the Educational Apps and baking mince pies. This afternoon, we begin a craft project but he quits half way through and decides he’d rather teach me Maths.

He’s actually very good!

We then switch to Scrabble, as he is now in the phase of being over-excited by all the possibilities and can’t decide what to do first. I keep reminding him, we have aaaall next week, son. Calm down!

Finally, in the afternoon, we head out back for some fresh air. You remember out back, right? Husband’s beloved back garden that we are not supposed to mess around in anymore…


I mean, you know how it is. You start off sticking to the rules like normal people, and before you know it everyone’s taken their wellies off and you’re fishing in a puddle…

But what a puddle!

We switched pizza night to this evening as someone has kindly offered to order us a curry tomorrow night! (Perks of the espoused.)

I have nothing to report on the Bible front unfortunately, as I’ve been promising myself a ‘proper night in’ with John’s Gospel all week… and thus not picked it up once. Slippery slope! I think our group are taking a little break now, aiming to start again from the same place on January the 1st – so I’m hoping to be all caught up by then!

And on that note… I think that’s all I have to say this week! Peace be with you. Thanks for reading. Stay safe!


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