Shout to the Lord

I don’t have much to say this week, except that we spent a few hours cleaning out the toy cupboard ready to reopen Toddler Group; during which the Youngest became quite attached to a stuffed nativity prop of the Baby Jesus.

She took Baby Jesus home, where he enjoyed scrambled eggs for lunch and then to the park, where he enjoyed a good swing.

Later, at the school gates, it transpired that she had, however, neglected to bring the Baby Jesus with her on this occassion and had left him in the car. The news that it was too late to go back and get him inspired Threenage scenes of a somewhat evangelical quality.

“I NEED JEEEESUS!” She screamed for all to hear. Foot stomping, coat pulling, desperate wails of despair attracted attention from the parental throng.

“Mummy, Mummy please! Pleeeeease Mummy! Get Jesus. I want Jesus! I juuuust waaaant JESUS!”


Clergy kids!

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