I’ll be honest. The reason my identity is the same as my blog title is because I haven’t a clue what I’m doing. However, it was always my intention to find a space to reflect semi-publically on personal faith and family life, as well as the road to ministry, as anonymously and privately as possible. (Yes, I appreciate these blogs are a bit personal for the Internet; but without our names and faces attached I feel I can perhaps be more honest, in a more helpful way, than I would otherwise be.) I am a Vicar’s wife (see Great Expectations), at home with three young children (See Ash Wednesday). I love writing, love faith, love my family, and yes; I guess I even love the Vicar thing too! So, whilst I want to share some reflections which may strike a chord with others in a similar position; I don’t want to name, shame, frame or defame my nearest and dearest. (See Privately Public). Besides; at the end of the day, my personal identity is irrelevant*. Like any other child of God before or after me, I have the same Spiritual treasure wrapped up in a unique, but equally cracked, jar of clay.

So… from one shiny crackpot to another…


* That said, please respect these words as mine and do not reproduce any material without due permission or credit! Thank you! 😉

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