The Date Night Challenge

If you read my previous post, you’ll (hopefully) remember that Husband and I recently made a list. On it, we identified our visions and values and outlined our priorities; all in the hope of becoming more intentional and efficient with our increasingly-limited resources. (By which, of course, she means ‘that-which-we-should-be-arsed-to-do-even-when-our-bearsedness-has-officially-run-out.’)

Now. If you read more regularly, you’ll (hopefully!) be pleased to know that out of those priorities… spicing up the old Low-mance was right up there at the top of the list!

Yep. Despite the busy house, broken sleep, frazzled nerves, lack of routine and irregular work-life patterns… We decided that enough was enough. It wasn’t OK to put each other last, nor to accept that our romance was a neglected thing of the past. And so, both intentionally and incredibly optimistically… we finally reintroduced date night. (Which, I know, seems like the sort of thing that even an anonymous blogger ought to keep to herself! But seriously, hear me out…)

As a self-confessed word geek who thrives on creative challenge, I have found this particular approach to be so good for us, and so game-changing for the current state of affairs that I just had to share it with you.

(Spoiler Alert: it’s not actually ‘affairs’… Though THAT would have been an interesting post now, wouldn’t it?!)

Seriously though.

Whilst I really don’t want to alienate my single readers, I do want to challenge those who are marriedand especially those who are ever-so-blessedly restricted by small children!- to have a go and play along.

Sound dodgy?!


Here’s the thing…

In a bid to avoid falling asleep to iPlayer every Friday night and calling it ‘quality time’, we have taken a virtual leaf out of Mama Wilmot’s blog, (in which she writes about parenting, faith and, often-entertainingly, marriage); and began… wait for it… the A to Z of Dating Challenge!

The basic premise is this:

Beginning with the letter A, you take turns to plan and deliver a themed date night. Following the alphabet, and switching turns and letters each week, (or however often you find the time to date!); the aim is to surprise, spoil, (and, in our case, obviously, ‘out-do’) your eagerly-awaiting spouse. So far, we’ve managed seven thoughtful, alphabet-themed surprises- without actually leaving the house! Best of all, we’ve actually started to look forward to more; protecting that time, whenever we can get it, even more intentionally than we’ve ever done before.

Sounds good, right?!

It is.

Trust me!

So… here’s the deal. I’m going to blog our progress every four or five dates, because… well… it’s fun. (Just wait until you hear how epically I destroyed the first one!) We’re currently up to date number 8, but, at the rate I’m writing; there’s still plenty of time to catch up and play along!

So… Why not tag or tweet* a (clean!) photo, each time you manage an A to Z date? Share ideas, share the love… #starsinclayjars #AtoZdate

Who’s in?!

* @starsincjars

9 Comments Add yours

  1. Annie says:

    Excellent! We’d better carry on with our letters otherwise you’ll overtake us!


    1. Haha! It’s a fab idea thank you 😉 xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Sal says:

    This is a brilliant idea. As a mum of two, with a busy life and working part time, I often find we don’t have time/babysitting to go out. I’m totally going try this with hubby. Will let you know how we get on haha x


    1. Great! 🙂 yup each time I’ve even considered it- “E for eating out” or “G for going out”- I’ve had to cancel last minute and rethink up something else! Gotta be more creative in this stage of life 😉 good luck! X


  3. RevPaul1979 says:

    That sounds excellent! Love the idea of working through the alphabet…that is at least 26 date nights sorted…though not quite sure what to do with ‘Z’…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Do what I did… take the letter A and your spouse gets stuck with X AND Z! 😉


    1. Ah thanks so much for the mention 🙂 glad it inspired! Nowt wrong with “A night in front of the TV” either… probably much more achievable than my over-ambitious first attempt!! 😉 x


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